Junior Ballett

Passing By (Uraufführung)

Choreografie Eva Dewaele
Musik Glen Gabriel
Bühnenbild Eva Dewaele
Jörg Zielinski
Kostüme Eva Dewaele
Regula Mattmüller
Lichtgestaltung Martin Gebhardt

Les Bourgeois

Choreografie Ben Van Cauwenbergh
Musik Jacques Brel
Kostüme Ben Van Cauwenbergh

Paysage obscure (Uraufführung)

Choreografie Christian Spuck
Musik Franz Schubert
Kostüme Ina Buschhaus
Bühnenbild Christian Spuck
Lichtgestaltung Martin Gebhardt

The Sofa

Choreografie Itzik Galili
Musik Tom Waits
Bühnenbild Janco van Barneveld
Kostüme Nastasja Lansen

Tauwetter (Uraufführung)

Choreografie Filipe Portugal
Musik Philip Glass, Samuel Barber und Max Richter
Bühnenbild Filipe Portugal
Jörg Zielinski
Kostüme Filipe Portugal
Regula Mattmüller
Lichtgestaltung Martin Gebhardt

Junior Ballett

Playing duration

1 hrs. 30 min.


with break


17 Dec 2014, 19:00
Preise VV: 75, 59, 44, 25, 15 CHF

21 Dec 2014, 14:00
Preise VV: 75, 59, 44, 25, 15 CHF

21 Feb 2015, 11:00
Preise VV: 75, 59, 44, 25, 15 CHF


Hauptbühne Opernhaus



Choreographies by Eva Dewaele, Filipe Portugal, Christian Spuck,
Ben van Cauwenbergh and Itzik Galili

The Junior Ballet will present its own ballet evening with New Creations. Besides Ben Van Cauwenbergh’s master stroke, Les Bourgeois, danced to Jacques Brel’s eponymous chanson, and Itzik Galili’s witty threesome, The Sofa, three pieces created in 2014 especially for Zurich Ballet’s junior company can be seen this season. In Paysage obscure, Ballet Director Christian Spuck develops an idiosyncratic landscape painting to the accompaniment of the Adagio from Franz Schubert’s famous C major String Quintet. In Passing by, Eva Dewaele, Ballet Mistress of Zurich Ballet since 2014, refers to the reality of work and life for the dancers of the Junior Ballet. And in Tauwetter, Zurich Ballet soloist Filipe Portugal, who has already proven his talent as a choreographer on several occasions, recounts the experiences of many dancers on their path from classical ballet to modern dance.



Junior Ballett