Choreographies by Edward Clug, William Forsythe und Christian Spuck


Choreografie Edward Clug
Musik Milko Lazar
Bühnenbild Marko Japelj
Kostüme Leo Kulaš
Lichtgestaltung Martin Gebhardt
Dramaturgie Michael Küster


Choreografie, Bühne und Lichtgestaltung William Forsythe
Musik Luciano Berio
Kostüme Stephen Galloway
Uraufführung 16. September 1998,
Ballett Frankfurt,
  Schweizerische Erstaufführung

das siebte blau

Choreografie und Bühnenbild Christian Spuck
Musik Franz Schubert, György Kurtág, Dieter Fenchel
Kostüme Miro Paternostro
Lichtgestaltung Andreas Rinkes
 Uraufführung 2. April 2000,
Stuttgarter Ballett,
  Schweizerische Erstaufführung

Ballett Zürich
Junior Ballett
Mitglieder der Philharmonia Zürich



25./27./28. Februar 2015: Winterthur, Theater Winterthur

Exklusiver Partner
Ballett Zürich

Framework programme

Introduction 45 min before the performance
Einführungsmatinee 11 Jan 2015


17 Jan 2015, 19:00
Preise C: 169, 152, 130, 56, 20 CHF

21 Jan 2015, 19:00
Preise B: 141, 126, 113, 56, 20 CHF

23 Jan 2015, 19:30
Preise B: 141, 126, 113, 56, 20 CHF

08 Feb 2015, 14:00
Preise B: 141, 126, 113, 56, 20 CHF

13 Feb 2015, 19:30
Preise B: 141, 126, 113, 56, 20 CHF

25 Feb 2015, 19:30

27 Feb 2015, 19:30

28 Feb 2015, 19:30

10 Mar 2015, 19:00
Preise B: 141, 126, 113, 56, 20 CHF

12 Mar 2015, 19:00
Preise B: 141, 126, 113, 56, 20 CHF

08 Apr 2015, 19:00
Preise B: 141, 126, 113, 56, 20 CHF

05 Jun 2015, 19:00
75, 59, 44, 25, 15 CHF

19 Jun 2015, 20:00
last performance this season
Preise B: 141, 126, 113, 56, 20 CHF


Hauptbühne Opernhaus



Music by Milko Lazar, Luciano Berio,
Franz Schubert, György Kurtág and Dieter Fenchel

Three choreographic signatures can be experienced in the second ballet evening of this season, which combines works by William Forsythe and Christian Spuck with a new creation by Edward Clug, and owes its musical appeal to live performances of compositions for various string ensembles.

After his enthusiastically received winter fantasy, Hill Harper’s Dream, Edward Clug has worked with Zurich Ballet for the second time and will once again be presenting a première performance. The director of the Slovenian National Ballet is one of the world’s most sought-after choreographers today. In his creations, he surprises audiences with minimalist movements and the interlocking and intertwining of the dancers’ limbs. In Clug’s work, the dancers, tilting and losing their balance, exude an unexpected beauty.

William Forsythe is appreciated all over the world as one of the most creative and intelligent revivers of the dance tradition. In his work, he frequently explores and crosses the boundaries of dance as an art form. Forsythe completely liberates the human body from the traditional formulae of classical ballet, tipping, turning and spinning it in all directions. The choreography workwithinwork, created in 1998 during his time in Frankfurt, is the last of his “ballets about ballet”. To the music of Duetti per due violine by Luciano Berio, Forsythe has succeeded in creating a complex, critical analysis of the rules of classical dance.

Franz Schubert’s string quartet, Death and the Maiden, provides the musical background for Christian Spuck’s choreography entitleddas siebte blau (The Seventh Blue). In sensitive tableaux full of speed and synchronicity, the Director of Zurich Ballet follows the music without ever losing sight of the theme of Schubert’s composition.