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Tube-Opera «La bohème»

Film a music video

For 12- to 18-year-olds

La bohème – perhaps the most youthful opera of all: a group of young, creative people approaches life full of idealism and vigour with the aim of realising their ideas as artists. However, great ideas, friendship and love are also accompanied by experiences of despair and failure. Similarly, young people, torn between conflicting emotions, embark on a quest to find the meaning of life. Giacomo Puccini’s magnificent music offers us a great deal of inspiration for a music video, which young people can make in this holiday workshop with the help of video experts and drama teachers – just like the Bohemians themselves.

25 - 29 Apr 2O17
at 1O.OO until 17.OO Uhr

29 Apr 2017, 19h3O Performance
CHF 9O inkl. Performance

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Zurich Opera House aims to kindle young people’s enthusiasm for opera and ballet. Our offers are directed at all age groups ranging from children of pre-school and primary school age to young adults, and make these art forms and selected works accessible, appropriately to these age groups. We take our guests on themed tours behind the scenes at the Opera House and provide insights into the way we work and our artistic processes. At thematically structured workshops with an immediate relevance to practical implementation, we intensify these impressions and make work at the theatre come alive. We intend to raise awareness of the quality of art and stimulate children and young people to discover their own creativity. We seek a dialogue with young audiences and give them the opportunity to engage with art in an active way.

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Roger Lämmli, Head of Education Programmes and Opera Education

Bettina Holzhausen, Education Programme Ballet

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