Services for schools

One focus of our youth work is on cooperating with schools in City and Canton of Zurich. School classes of all age groups have the opportunity to attend performances at Zurich Opera House and to take part in guided tours, workshops and intensive courses. Depending on their content, the events take place at the Opera House as well as in schoolhouses.

Our services range from compact introductory events in combination with performances to thematic guided tours during which, for example, secondary school pupils investigate a murder case at the Opera House, helping them get to know a work and the various theatrical professions, to semester projects in which pupils accompany an opera and ballet production from the conceptual phase to the première, and try out their own stage skills.


  • overcome inhibitions regarding the artistic forms of opera and ballet
  • instil joy in physical expression, dance and music
  • provide access to selected works that is both emotional and sound in terms of content
  • sharpen schoolchildren’s eyes for artistic quality
  • motivate young people to stage their own theatrical, musical or dance performances.

We provide teachers with educational folders to help them prepare for attendance at performances. Furthermore, we offer advanced training courses and regularly invite teachers to our Opera Lounge, where all teachers interested in the arts, opera and ballet can exchange their experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.


You will find detailed information on our services for schools

  • on our website: www.opernhaus.ch
  • on the schule&kultur website
  • and in publications by the City of Zurich’s Büro für Schulkultur.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter for teachers, thus keeping yourself abreast of the latest offers at all times.


Contact for more information: roger.laemmli[at]opernhaus.ch


Young Opera House

Zurich Opera House aims to kindle young people’s enthusiasm for opera and ballet. Our offers are directed at all age groups ranging from children of pre-school and primary school age to young adults, and make these art forms and selected works accessible, appropriately to these age groups. We take our guests on themed tours behind the scenes at the Opera House and provide insights into the way we work and our artistic processes. At thematically structured workshops with an immediate relevance to practical implementation, we intensify these impressions and make work at the theatre come alive. We intend to raise awareness of the quality of art and stimulate children and young people to discover their own creativity. We seek a dialogue with young audiences and give them the opportunity to engage with art in an active way.


Roger Lämmli
Head of Music I Drame I Education
T +41-44-268-64-35

Sebastian Müller
Teacher of musical theatre
T +41-44-259-58-26

Bettina Holzhausen
Ballettvermittlung | Tanzpädagogik
T +41-44-259-58-26