A group may consist of maximum 20 people. If the group consists of more than 20 people the group will be divided into two parallel tours. The price is CHF 180.00 per tour and group. The bill will be sent to the above entered billing address the following month.

Please enter 2-3 preferred dates comma-separated (e.g. 01.10.2017, 01.11.2017, 01.12.2017)

Please note: Due to the high demand of guided tours and the rehearsal schedule of the Zurich Opera House, it might not be possible for the tour to take place on your preferred date. The more possible dates you enter, the better we can consider your preferences.

Please enter your preferred time frame for the tour (you may choose both options). The tour of the opera house takes 1.5 hours.

Would you like to add an aperitif or a dinner to your tour? Please contact us: bankett[at]opernhaus.ch.