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One focus of our youth work is the cooperation with schools in Zurich and the canton. School classes of all ages have the opportunity to attend performances at the Zurich Opera House and participate in guided tours, workshops and intensive courses. The events take place in the Opera House and in the schools, depending on the content.
Our offer ranges from compact introductory events and visits to thematic guided tours, in which, for example, pupils discover a production and the different theatrical professions in a murder case at the Opera House, up to semester projects in which the students perform an opera and ballet production from the concept phase up to the premiere and test themselves in the scenic play.

The goal of our offers is

  • Inhibitions to the art forms opera and ballet
  • Joy of physical expression, dance and music
  • Content-based and sensuous access to selected works
  • To raise the eye for artistic quality
  • To motivate young people to stage a theater, musical or dance performance on stage.

For teachers, we provide instructional dossiers with which the presentations can be prepared. In addition, we offer continuing education events and regularly invite you to our opera lounge, where all teachers of culture, opera and ballet can exchange experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

You can find detailed information about our offer for schools on the website of schule & kultur and in publications of the office for school culture of the city of Zurich.

The School projects are being supported by the Ernst Göhner Stiftung and the Max Kohler Stiftung.

Guided tours for schools

Guided tours for schools

The 1.5 - hour tour takes you to the stage, past the props-, make up- and tailoring-department, into the wardrobe and in the furniture and scenery warehouse of the Opera House. As part of a 2 - hour tour also the workshops of the Opera House can be visited.

Guided tours for schools and classes are from Monday to Friday - morning and afternoon is possible. The tours for school classes are free.

For an inquiry please fill out the registration form.

Premiere classes

A particularly intensive collaboration between the school and the Opera House takes place with eight premiere classes, which follow an opera and ballet production from the concept phase to the premiere, deal with the production and its preparation for months, interviews with employees of the Opera House and thereby learn about different professions in the Opera House.

The children process their findings in a separate project, in which they test themselves in the scenic play and develop their own implementations, create a virtual program book or organize an exhibition in the school building.

These projects support the individual possibilities of the school and the specific interests of the class account and the teachers learn an intensive support and are always accompanied by the employees of Opernhaus Jung.

You will find more detailed information about our range for first class classes on the school website, as well as in publications of the school for the education of the city of Zurich.

Thank you very much.

Information sheets for teachers

Here you can find information for schools that attend the Opera House in Zurich and / or carry out a project with the Opera House:

Information about other services related to a performance visit (introductory workshops, introductions, accompanying materials, guided tours and workshops) pdf

Leaflet Notes and rules for visiting the Opernhaus Zürich: Merkblatt

Addresses and directions for the different locations of the Opernhaus (main building, orchestral rehearsal room, rehearsal stages Escher-Wyss): pdf

Information to the school projects "How is an opera / ballet created?": Infoblatt

Music theatre pedagogy

The Opernhaus Zürich wants to inspire young people for opera and ballet. Our offers are aimed at all age groups of children in preschool and schools as well as young adults and create old accesses to these art forms and selected pieces. In thematic tours, we take our guests behind the scenes of the opera house and provide insights into our working methods and artistic processes. In thematically structured workshops with a direct reference to practice, we intensify the impressions and let the theater work come to life. We want to promote quality awareness for art and to encourage children and young people to create their own creativity. We are looking for a dialogue with the young audience and give them the opportunity to actively engage in artistic activities.

You can reach us via mail: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Roger Lämmli, Director of Music Theater Education and Mediation

Bettina Holzhausen, mediation ballet

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