Unser Team


Isabelle Schiegg

Isabelle Schiegg keeps our operations together and never loses track of things. She is responsible for the Restaurant Belcanto, the Bernhard Bar Cafe, the intermission gastronomy in the Zurich Opera House, the gastronomy in the Bernhard Theater, the banquets and the artist and employee restaurant Atrium.

Operation Manager

Djong Dja Roen Gautschi

What to do if there is no vocal training available and you still want to be in the spotlight at the opera house? Become Operation Manager of the Opera House Gastronomy! Djong Dja Roen Gautschi supports our team in all areas of our diverse catering businesses, because a stage is not enough for us.

Chef de Service

Jeton Nikqi

Jeton Nikqi takes care of your well-being. With his charm he cheers us up even on a rainy day! He knows the best dishes, the matching wines and the most popular places like his home! He loves to end an evening with a glass of Pinot Noir.

Chef de Service

Raik Schubert

Raik Schubert is also one of our positive cheerful people. The restaurant Belcanto is his second home and he knows it as well as his vest pocket. After an intense day he likes to recharge his positive energy and joie de vivre at home with his family.

Gastgeber Bernhard Bar Cafe

Alexander Rössner

"Härzlig Willkomme" - this is how Rudolf Bernhard, eponym of the Bernhard Bar Cafe, would greet you in his unmistakable Basel German. Although Alexander Rössner is not from Basel, he also welcomes you to his comfortably furnished Bernhard Bar Cafe. He prefers to round off an exciting evening with a beer in a theatre atmosphere.

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