Future Opera

Future Opera – starts now

The historic Opernhaus Zürich and the adjoining extension building will need to be renovated in the first half of the 2030s, and the planning phase for this project has begun. The goal of the project is to resolve underlying deficiencies so that the Opernhaus can continue to fulfill its mission as enshrined in the Opernhaus Act – and continue to strive for «artistic accomplishment of outstanding quality and international appeal» as well as «communication of its offerings to broad sections of the public».


Future Opera Dialogue – have your say

Join us in a dialogue to clarify what contributions the Opernhaus of the future, together with its new extension, can make for the visitors to performances, for the general public, and for the cultural scene, and what this structural development means for the civic space «Sechseläutenplatz», the location on the lake, and for tourism. Join us in a discussion about the Opernhaus as part of Zurich’s cultural diversity. How can the Opernhaus buildings be used by even more people, and what are the expectations for this development?


Our Vision for the Future – where we want to go

Once the «Future Opera» construction project has been completed, then we imagine the ensemble of the historic Opernhaus and the new extension building to be…


Stopgap Measures – needed right now


Questions and Answers

Will a new building be constructed, or will an addition be made to the current extension? Will performance operations at the Opernhaus need to be interrupted during the construction phase? Who will pay for the project?


Opernhaus Zürich – a portrait

The Opernhaus Zürich is one of the leading international opera houses, and with 12 new productions each year, is one of the most productive stages in the world.


Team and Contacts

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Inspiration: Public Spaces in Cultural Buildings of the Future

In 2021, following an initiative of the Opernhaus Zürich and the Staatsoperas in Stuttgart and Munich, the Komische Oper Berlin and the Opernhaus Düsseldorf, experts and visionaries discussed the cultural buildings of the future in a digital event series: What do cultural buildings have to provide in terms of cultural tradition and future-oriented expectations? How can cultural buildings be opened up to society? Experts present interesting concepts and approaches for publicly accessible areas in cultural buildings, and gave important insights and answers to central questions about the future? Recordings of these seven digital lectures, which were held in German, can be viewed free of charge at: