Our Vision for the Future – where we want to go

Once the «Future Opera» construction project has been completed, then we imagine the ensemble of the historic Opernhaus and the new extension building to be…

… an accessible meeting point.

The extension building of the historic Opernhaus is a lively and inspirational location, open to everyone. It is part of the urban space around the lake and Sechseläutenplatz, and it creates opportunities for encounters and interactions well beyond visits to a performance. Visitors enjoy innovative culinary offerings or linger here, perhaps in a rooftop garden, without the need to consume, with spectacular views of Lake Zurich and the Alps.

... an architectural jewel on the lake.

The building at the city’s most central location has attracted international attention with its site-specific and visionary architecture. It is a role model in terms of energy efficiency, sustainability, and resource-saving construction methods. In symbiosis with the historical building, the extension building is a tourist magnet and selfie spot, and the residents of the canton proudly bring their guests here.

… a place for cultural development and cultural education.

The new extension represents an opening-up of the institution of opera in terms of content and space. Here, an expanded educational program for all age groups, as well as formats for cultural participation, will be offered. On the laboratory stage, a new second venue of the Opernhaus, new formats of music and dance theater will be developed and a cooperative collaboration with other cultural institutions will be established. As in the past, artists of various genres will find a stage in the integrated Bernhard Theater.

… an attractive location for work and production.

As a result of structural development, acute space problems in the backstage area of the Opernhaus will be solved. A healthy, modern, and barrier-free working environment will be created for the approximately 800 employees who work here, and internal processes can be designed effectively. In this way, the Opernhaus can continue to fulfill its mission as laid down in the Opernhaus Act and strive for «artistic accomplishment of outstanding quality and international appeal».

Does this picture of the future align with your expectations? What goes through your mind when you read this description? What are your ideas for the Opernhaus of the future? In our dialogue workshops, we want to examine and zoom in on the vision of the future, so that it can be incorporated as an important component of the architectural competition.