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About Club Jung

Do you like going to the opera or ballet, and would you like to share your passion with like-minded people? Would you like to learn more about opera and ballet productions, take a look behind the scenes, attend rehearsals and meet artists and Opera House staff? Would you like to enjoy tickets at heavily discounted prices?

Club Jung is aimed at young people between 16 and 26 who can answer one or more of these questions with “Yes”. Membership is free and without obligation (one-time admission fee of CHF 20). In our Club Jung newsletter, we will invite you to special events such as rehearsals or workshops, which are free for members.

Individual attendance at performances is also possible: ticket quotas for selected performances are available to Club members for advance booking at the standard price of CHF 15. We will also inform you about these in the newsletter.

And, last but not least, Club members can also buy last-minute tickets from 30 minutes prior to performances at the price of CHF 15.

Your benefits

  • Visit rehearsals
  • Visit workshops free of charge
  • Last minute tickets for CHF 15 for selected performances
  • Meet other opera/ballet fans
  • One time admission of CHF 20, no further costs
  • Meet artists and the production teams
  • Get behind the scenes
  • Monthly information via newsletter

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Partner Opernhaus Zürich 

Club Jung - Become a member

Become a member now and visit the opera for only CHF 15!

Sign in once and benefit 36O times (or more). The membership is free of charge and non-binding (one-time admission fee of CHF 2O).

Weblogin dates

Log in and buy up to two tickets for the member price of CHF 15 in our presale. Please be aware that your +1 also has to be a member of Club Jung.

Performance dates in the Club Jung-Weblogin:

Oper von Richard Strauss
Donnerstag, 28. September 2017, 19.30 Uhr

Beethoven / Mozart
1. Scintilla-Konzert
Montag, 02. Oktober 2017, 19.00 Uhr

Il barbiere di Siviglia
Oper von Gioachino Rossini
Freitag, 06. Oktober 2017, 19.00 Uhr

Jewgeni Onegin
Oper von Pjotr Tschaikowski
Sonntag, 08. Oktober 2017, 19.30 Uhr

Die Zauberflöte
Oper von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017, 19.00 Uhr

Liszt / Bartok
1. Philharmonisches Konzert
Sonntag, 22. Oktober 2017, 19.30 Uhr

We will inform you about these and other promotions via newsletter.

Club members can buy last-minute tickets from 30 minutes before the performance for the price of CHF 15 at the ticket office.

Furthermore you can visit all Opera House workshops for free, more information here (only in German).

Questions? Please contact: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Become a Member

To become a member simply visit the ticket office. Please remember to bring your ID so we can verify your age. At the ticket office you pay the admission fee in the amount of CHF 20 and receive a temporary membership card. Afterwards we will send you to the proper membership card by mail.

Join in the Club Jung 's Facebook group to stay informed regularly and exchange interests with other members.


How much does a membership in Club jung cost?

A Club Jung membership is free of charge. Anyone who wishes to become a member will only pay a registration fee of CHF 20.

Why do I need to specify my email address?

The e-mail address is necessary because all the information about Club Jung is sent via e-mail newsletter.

Why do you have to show your ID?

We check your age on the basis of the ID, we since the offer of the Club Jung is available only up to the age of 26 years.

Why can’t I apply for a membership online?

There is an age limit for the Club Jung. We have to check the age in the beginning at the box office. Online this is not possible.

How can I identify myself as a club member?

Club jung members receive a provisional membership card at the ticket office. Once a month, we send the definite membership credentials to the new members. Please show your personalized membercard together with a photo ID with your entrance ticket at the entrance. Your reduced admission ticket is valid only in connection with the Club Jung card. If you can not identify yourself at the entrance, you have to pay the difference to the full price at the evening box office. If you lose the identity card, we can replace it against a processing fee of CHF 10.

Can I buy Club Jung-Tarif tickets for friends and relatives?

A membership entitles the Club jung member to visit the opera for the special price of CHF 15. Therefore, no reduced tickets can be purchased or passed on to those who are not Club Jung members.

Why can I book two tickets online for the special price?

Maybe you want to go to the opera with a colleague and sit next to that person. If this is also Club Jung member, you can book two tickets and pass the second card on to the other member. It is important that you both can identify yourselves at the entrance as a Clubjung member.

What is «Weblogin»?

At the weblogin you register with your mail adress and your password and can purchase tickets for the special price of CHF 15 in advance. For which shows this is possible, we regularly inform you by e-mail and on the website. >> Click here for the weblogin.

How can I buy a Club Jung ticket and a normal ticket next to each other?

In this particular case, you have two options: Either you buy a card with your Club Jung weblogin, remember the seat number and then buy the seat next to it with normal online access. However, you can also order the ticket by telephone: T +41 44 268 66 66.

What if I am over 26 years old?

Club membership is then no longer possible. Your membership finishes with the 27th birthday. But if you still want to go to the opera or ballet at discounted prices, you can apply for a junior membership with the friends of the opera / friends of the ballet. With this, you will be able to buy Legi prizes at the Opernhaus Zürich until the 30th birthday, no matter whether you are still studying or already in your professional life. The membership for one season costs only CHF 100.

Club Jung Treff

Club Jung Treff

Der nächste Treff findet zu Die Gezeichneten am Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2018, 18.00 Uhr statt. Treffpunkt ist im Foyer der Billettkasse. Anmeldungen unter Enable JavaScript to view protected content. sind erwünscht aber nicht notwendig. Gäste von Kulturzü melden sich bitte an Enable JavaScript to view protected content. damit wir für euch vergünstigte Karten organisieren können. 

WhatsApp Service

Gratis Tickets für das Opernhaus gewinnen! Manche Abonnenten und Besucher, die kurzfristig verhindert sind und die gebuchte Vorstellung nicht besuchen können, spenden diese Tickets zur Weitergabe an den Club Jung. Wenn du noch häufiger ins Opernhaus Zürich kommen möchtest, melde dich für unseren WhatsApp Ticker an. Hier verlosen wir regelmässig kostenlose Tickets und informieren über weitere Aktionen im Club Jung. 

Interessiert? Dann sind es nur noch wenige Schritte: 

1. Klicke unten auf den Anmelde-Button.

2. Nun wird ein Chat zu uns geöffnet. Trage Deinen Namen und Deine Club Jung-Mitgliedsnummer ein (steht auf der Mitgliedskarte) und sende die Nachricht.

3. Speichere unsere Telefonnummer in deinem Handy.

4. Innerhalb von 24 Stunden erhältst du eine Bestätigung per WhatsApp.


Nicht mit dem Handy auf dieser Seite? Klicke hier, damit sich WhatsApp Web öffnet. 


Wer sieht die Kommunikation zwischen dem Opernhaus und mir?
Unser WhatsApp Ticker ist kein Gruppenchat. Du bekommst von uns Einzelnachrichten wie in einem normalen Chat, für andere Nutzer sind dein Kontakt und deine Nachrichten nicht sichtbar. 

Werden meine Daten verarbeitet?
Wir verwenden deine Mobilnummer ausschliesslich für den WhatsApp Ticker. 

Wie oft bekomme ich Nachrichten?
Es wird maximal eine Verlosung am Tag verschickt. 

Wie kann ich mich wieder abmelden?
Sende jederzeit eine Nachricht mit dem Inhalt "Stop" an uns. 

Workshops 16+

In our workshop series for young adults, aged 16 and over, we provide in-depth insights into the artistic work at the Opernhaus Zürich and enable the participants to become creative themselves. They closely follow the emergence of new opera and ballet productions and meet artists from the opera house. They elaborate their own design ideas and implement them in practice. Each workshop series lasts for seven to twelve evenings, accompanied by professionals from the opera house and leads into a presentation in a small public setting. Previous knowledge is not required.

Tickets for a workshop series usually cost CHF 2O, the presentation visit also CHF 2O. Club Young members can visit the workshop series at special conditions.

Here you can find all the workshops.

Please send an e-mail to Enable JavaScript to view protected content.


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