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Sun 25 Feb

Wagner Mendelssohn Beethoven

5th Philharmonic Concert / 2nd La Scintilla Concert
Sun 25 Feb

Die lustige Witwe

Operette by Franz Lehár
Wed 28 Feb

Messa da Requiem

Requiem by Giuseppe Verdi, Ballet by Christian Spuck
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Trailer «Die lustige Witwe»

«Physical in style, fast-paced, exuberant in its setting»

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 12.02.24

Nachgefragt: Barrie Kosky and Klaus Grünberg about «Die Lustige Witwe»

Nachgefragt: Marlis Petersen and Michael Volle about «Die Lustige Witwe»

Discussion Concert


In a discussion concert, the renowned Gringolts Quartet will perform works by Roman Haubenstock-Ramati together with Heinz Holliger, who had a close friendship with the composer and will provide information about his life. There will also be a second concert on the occasion of the new production Amerika: The Ensemble Opera Nova under the direction of Hans-Peter Achberger will tackle the ingenious madmen of American musical modernism in The Unanswered Question on March 21st.

03 Mar 2024


Trailer «Timekeepers»

«Without a doubt, Ballett Zürich has become recognizably more feminine and also more versatile under its new director Cathy Marston, but above all it has grown together into a ravishingly beautiful company that does a fabulous job this evening.»

NZZ, 22.01.24


Orchestra La Scintilla

Wagner Mendelssohn Beethoven

During his nine years in Zurich, Richard Wagner conducted several concerts here. In addition to his own works, his programs frequently included works by Beethoven, whom he greatly admired. Mendelssohn, first revered and later denounced by Wagner, serves as a counterpart in this concert. The Orchestra La Scintilla plays on period instruments under the direction of Riccardo Minasi.

25 Feb 2024


Mar / Apr


Don't know it, never heard of it, what's that supposed to be? We have created a playlist for you with selected hits from our March and April program. 

And tomorrow we'll be stars!

In the 18th short film from the series «What you always wanted to know about the Opernhaus but were afraid to ask», get to know young talents from the Opera Studio, the Junior Ballet and the Orchestra Academy.