Otello - Performance - Operahouse Zurich


Opera by Giuseppe Verdi

Conductor Marco Armiliato
Producer Graham Vick
Stage design Paul Brown
Costumes Paul Brown
Lighting Jürgen Hoffmann
Chorus master Jürg Hämmerli
Orchestra Philharmonia Zürich
Choir Chor der Oper Zürich
Zusatzchor der Oper Zürich
SoprAlti der Oper Zürich
Kinderchor der Oper Zürich

Otello Aleksandrs Antonenko
5, 16, 19, 23 MarZoran Todorovich
8, 12 Mar
Desdemona Maria Agresta
Jago Zeljko Lucic
5, 8, 12, 16 MarMarco Vratogna
19, 23 Mar
Cassio Benjamin Bernheim
Emilia Yulia Mennibaeva
Rodrigo Iain Milne
Lodovico Dimitri Pkhaladze
Montano Roberto Lorenzi
Ein Herold Stanislav Vorobyov
Statistenverein am Opernhaus Zürich

In Italian
with German and English surtitles

Playing duration

3 hrs. 5 min.


After the 2nd act after approx. 1 hrs. 15 min.

Introduction 45 min before the performance


05 Mar 2017, 19:00 AMAG people's performance
Preise H: 75, 59, 44, 25, 15 CHF

08 Mar 2017, 19:00 Opera House Day
Preise E: 230, 192, 168, 95, 35 CHF

12 Mar 2017, 14:00
Preise E: 230, 192, 168, 95, 35 CHF

16 Mar 2017, 19:00
Preise E: 230, 192, 168, 95, 35 CHF

19 Mar 2017, 19:30
Preise E: 230, 192, 168, 95, 35 CHF

23 Mar 2017, 19:30
Preise E: 230, 192, 168, 95, 35 CHF


Hauptbühne Opernhaus




Otello, the Moorish commander of the Venetian fleet, returns to Cyprus during a thunderstorm after his victory over the Turks. Iago, his ensign, is out for revenge because he has been passed over for promotion to captain in favour of Cassio. He stirs up Rodrigo against Cassio, getting him so drunk that a quarrel breaks out between the two men. In the tumult that ensues, Otello settles the dispute. He demotes Cassio and restores order again. Otello is left alone with his wife Desdemona.

Iago advises the downcast Cassio to ask Desdemona to intercede with Otello on his behalf. Whilst Cassio is talking to Desdemona, Iago fans Otello’s jealousy. When Desdemona begs her husband to forgive Cassio, Otello falls into a rage. Iago secretly steals a handkerchief of Desdemona’s from his wife Emilia. He then tells Otello that he has heard Cassio calling out Desdemona’s name during his sleep, and seen him with her handkerchief. Otello swears bloody revenge.

Iago arranges for Otello to overhear a conversation between Cassio and himself, tough Otello is only able to catch some apparently incriminating fragments. During the conversation, Cassio can be seen holding Desdemona’s handker-chief, which Iago has planted. Lodovico, a Venetian ambassador, arrives to inform Otello that he has been recalled to Venice. Humiliated, Otello can barely control himself any longer, and when Desdemona welcomes Lodovico he forces her to the floor. Otello sinks to the floor unconscious, leaving Iago in triumph.

Desdemona waits for her husband. Otello comes to kill her. In vain she tries to convince him of her innocence. He murders her. Emilia enters and finds the body. Otello claims it was a just killing. Emila calls for help and the truth is revealed. Otello takes his own life.



Opera by Giuseppe Verdi