Der fliegende Holländer

The recording was available from Friday, 12 June to Sunday, 14 June 24:00.

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Der fliegende Holländer by Richard Wagner was staged at the Zurich Opera House in the season 12/13 featuring Bryn Terfel, Anja Kampe and Matti Salminen. It was also Andreas Homoki's first production as the director of the opera house. Thanks to Terfel’s performance, the Zurich Dutch production is already legendary.

Andreas Homoki staged Der fliegende Holländer in Zurich as a capitalism-critical mystery thriller. It should be exciting and unreal. Matti Salminen embodies the symbol of the capitalist entrepreneur confidently and vocally expressive throughout his role as Daland.

The Flying Dutchman Bryn Terfel represents the uncontrollable forces of the irrational, which cause Daland's entrepreneurial world to totter, vocally complex and powerful throughout his mysterious appearances. Due to the figure of the Dutchman and the great presence of Terfels, the order gets disturbed. The fact that Senta does not want to fit into this order as a figure is brilliantly performed by Anja Kampe through her play and her voice.

The orchestra creates an impressive Wagnerian sound of the 21st century in Der fliegende Holländer. The Philharmonia Zurich, conducted by Alain Altinoglu, accompanies attentively where necessary, whipped-up where the action picks up speed, and always performs with precision and color.

A production by Deutschen Grammophon in co-production with Opernhaus Zürich.

Trailer «Der fliegende Holländer»


Alain Altinoglu Conductor
Andreas Homoki Production
Wolfgang Gussmann Stage and costume design
Susana Mendoza Costume design
Franck Evin Lighting desing
Ernst Raffelsberger Choir director

Anja Kampe Senta
Liliana Nikiteanu Mary
Bryn Terfel Holländer
Matti Salminen Daland
Marco Jentzsch Erik
Fabio Trümpy Steuermann

Philharmonia Zürich
Chor der Oper Zürich



Photos «Der fliegende Holländer»