The Costume Party

Express yourself! The opera house is your stage for one night. Whether as Marie-Antoinette or a tomato - nothing is too much at our costume party. Anything goes! Experience an unforgettable, exhilarating and very #instagrammable night of dancing on the «Brettern, die die Welt bedeuten», with numerous bars and in the best company.

You don't have a costume? No problem! Transform yourself into your personal mythical creature at the exclusive costume parts sale or rent a complete ensemble at our costume rental in Oerlikon. There's something for every budget and every size.

For hungry party animals, we recommend our exclusive pre-dinner offers. Whether at Du Théâtre, Kronenhalle, Max & Otto or Tibits: Dine with kindred spirits before the costume party. Here's the next costume idea: at Tibits, a surprise awaits asparagus, strawberries and such!

And finally, a few words about the evening's music: the electro swing band «Klischée» will heat you up like there's no tomorrow, and afterwards it's party time until four, with the club «mascotte» and the biggest hits since the 90s.

And now: metamorphose!

20.00 Opening of doors, aperitif, photocall
20.30 Start of costume party: hall doors will be opened
21.30 Live act on the main stage: Klischée feat. Marena Whitcher
23.30 Costume Contest, hosted by Luca Papini and Gossipa
00.00 Party with the club «mascotte»
4.00 End

Sat, 11. Mar 2023, 20.30, The Costume Party
CHF 150

Good to know

With Klischée the beat stomps, with Klischée the horns blow!

Polish your dancing shoes and straighten your headdress: the great live band «Klischée» combines the infectious swing of the 1920s with electronic beats of today. The result is truly danceable: Electroswing at its best. Listen in now!

«Tiquette» by Klischée feat. Marena Whitcher

Costume Rental Shops

You'll find everything your heart desires in our costume depot in Oerlikon. Or in one of these other ten costume rental shops in the city and canton!

Zurich Opera House Costume Rental
Every Wednesday, 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
Zurich Opera House costume depot
Binzmühlestrasse 210, 8050 Zurich
044 313 29 03

Zürich City

Claire Schärer
Seefeldstr. 197, 8008 Zürich
044 383 12 06

Möller Kostümverleih
Hohlstrasse 216, 8004 Zürich
044 241 29 40

Dehò Kostümverleih
Traubenstrasse 5, 8002 Zürich
044 202 62 66

Rent à Porter
Othmarstrasse 20, 8008 Zürich
079 208 65 19

Atop AG
Sonnhaldenstrasse 2, 8032 Zürich
044 251 80 59

Canton Zürich

Lindenmoosstrasse 12, 8910 Affoltern
044 761 96 59

Kostümverleih Vintage Isabella Münch
Goethestrasse 29, 8712 Stäfa
079 691 70 47

Kostümverlei fasue
Schulstrasse 6, 8157 Dielsdorf
076 224 12 58

Kostümverleihunternehmen Bürki's Mode
Chelleracherstrasse 2, 8308 Illnau
052 346 19 13

Kostümverleih Kunz
Wieshofstrasse 1, 8408 Winterthur



Let us inspire you!


Here you will find the answers to your most burning questions.

Do I have to wear a costume?
Yes, that would be good.

Can I appear in evening dress?
No, simply showing up in a ball gown is not the idea of the costume party. Why not mix up your glittering gown with a construction helmet, diving goggles or gorilla hands!

Do I have to have a full costume to attend the party?
Absolutely not, let your imagination run wild and appear as a tentacled tiger with a feather boa or a bodybuilder with a little tiara. Go for it and let it all out!

Can I just wear a «normal» costume?
Of course you can. If you don't want to put together a customised costume, come as a classic Robin Hood, Queen of Hearts or crocodile.

Is there a prize for the best costume?
Yes, at 11.30 p.m. there will be a Costume Contest hosted by entertainer Luca Papini and drag queen Gossipa.

Will costumes be altered for me at the costume parts sale or costume rental?
No, we cannot offer this service, but we can recommend good tailors.

Will there be food and drinks?
Drinks are plentiful, a snack is also available. However, we recommend that you arrive catered for or stop off at one of our partner restaurants.

How many dance floors are there?
One, and the very best: our stage!

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