Introductory matinee «Winterreise»

We offer introductory matinees to accompany every new production: in conversation with our dramatic advisers, conductors, directors, set and costume designers explain their view of the works in question. On a Sunday morning a week or two before the première, you will thus gain direct insights into the peculiarities of the production.

On the 13rd of October, the Zurich Ballet will begin the new season with Franz Schubert's Winterreise in Hans Zender's «Komponierte Interpretation». In the Matinee, dramaturg Michael Küster talks to choreographer Christian Spuck about the production of Winterreise. Other guests include the Swiss tenor Mauro Peter, the Italian conductor Emilio Pomàrico and the Brazilian dancer Lucas Valente.

Accompanied by Yulia Levin, Mauro Peter will sing selected songs from Schubert's Winterreise. Video sequences from the rehearsals give an additional impression of Christian Spuck's choreography.

CHF 1O incl. coffee and croissant

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Introductory matinee «Winterreise»

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