Introductory matinee

What is so fascinating about the music of Claudio Monteverdi? How do you form a consistent ballet evening from individual musical scenes and lamenti? Is it possible to dance madrigals? Michael Küster talks about this in the matinee with ballet director Christian Spuck and chief dramaturge Claus Spahn. Other guests are Giulia Tonelli, first soloist of the Zurich Ballet, and the two sopranos Louise Kemény and Lauren Fagan. They will be accompanied on the cembalo by Andrea Del Bianco.

We offer introductory matinees to accompany every new production: in conversation with our dramatic advisers, conductors, directors, set and costume designers explain their view of the works in question. On a Sunday morning a week or two before the première, you will thus gain direct insights into the peculiarities of the production.

Past performances

January 2022




Introductory matinee «Monteverdi»

Bernhard Theater