Musical Stories «Die chinesische Nachtigall»

with music by Igor Strawinsky
For children ages 7 and older, with adult accompaniment

The Emperor of China must learn from a travel guide that the nightingale’s song is the most beautiful thing to experience in his magnificent gardens. He immediately sends his servants to bring a nightingale to his palace. And indeed, the emperor loves the nightingale’s enchanting song above all else.

One day, the Japanese emperor gives him an artificial nightingale, richly decorated with jewels, which can sing exactly the same melody countless times in a row. But after only a year the mechanical bird breaks down. And the real nightingale has escaped the confines of the palace...

Stories become scenes set to music on the Studiobühne. Our young visitors learn on-the-spot how to play instruments, sing, dance, as they help shape the action.

Duration: 75 min

Emperor of China (Adrian Brunner, baritone), Chamberlain (Christoph Betulius, narrator), Kitchen Maid (Sonja Leutwyler, soprano)

Musicians of the Zurich Opera House
Concept, text version, realization: Roger Lämmli

The Studiobühne in the third underground floor of the Opera House can only be reached via 52 stair steps and is therefore not accessible for people in wheelchairs.

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