Fairy tales from afar

4th Brunch & Lunch Concert

Hanna Weinmeister, Violin
Vera Lopatina, Violin
Karen Forster, Viola
Lev Sivkov, Violoncello
Dariusz Mizera, Double-bass
Robert Pickup, Clarinet
Urs Dengler, Bassoon
László Szlávik, Horn
Ivana Gavrić, Piano

There are fairy tales from all over the world, and composers have always been inspired by these fantastical stories: Robert Schumann wrote four fairy tale pictures op. 113 for piano and viola. In his opinion, the often neglected string instrument came closest to the tone of the narrative human voice. Leoš Janáček wrote his fairy tale (Pohádka) in his turn for cello and piano, drawing on a story from Russia. In his cycle Ma mère l'oye, which can be heard in an arrangement for five instruments, Maurice Ravel has worked with several fairy-tale motifs from Sleeping Beauty to Beauty and the Beast. Supplemented by Janáčeks Concertino, these works can be heard in this season's 4th Brunch and Lunch Concert.

A wide variety of ensemble formations consisting of members of the Philharmonia Zurich will again be presenting works of chamber music in our informal, intimate Brunch & Lunch concert series this season. Together with the musicians, discover forgotten gems, unusual arrangements of well-known works, and embark upon extraordinary auditive adventures.

Brunch concerts begin at 11.15 a.m. on Sundays, followed by brunch at the Restaurant Belcanto. Concert and brunch cost CHF 6O including a welcome glass of champagne (students: CHF 52 / children 16 and under: CHF 32).

Lunch concerts – featuring the same programme – are repeated the following day at 12.OO noon, and do not include a culinary option. Tickets: CHF 2O (students: CHF 18).

The Brunch & Lunch Concerts are supported by Evelyn und Herbert Axelrod

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December 2018




Fairy tales from afar

4th Brunch & Lunch Concert, Spiegelsaal




Fairy tales from afar

4th Brunch & Lunch Concert, Spiegelsaal