Workshop for youths ages 16 and up

Prior knowlege not necessary

Claudio Monteverdi, the most important Italian composer of the 17th century, made music theatrical. Lovers, loners, jealous hearts, and revenge-seekers alike appear on stage, lamenting their suffering, and turning their innermost thoughts into song. Melancholy is a central theme for Monteverdi, and in his ballet Monteverdi, Christian Spuck approaches the essence of melancholy by combining abstract dance with Monteverdi's music and translating it into theatrical images. In this workshop series, we will explore Claudio Monteverdi's music and, of course, take a closer look at Christian Spuck's choreographic-scenic interpretation. In exchanges with dancers, singers, and musicians we will learn more about the creation of the ballet evening – and, of course, visit a performance of Monteverdi.

May to June 2023

CHF 40 including performance tickets

The workshop series 16+ lets interested participants ages 16 and up gain insights into artistic processes and deal in depth with the subject matter and realization of a ballet or an opera. Elements of production and artistic expression are made tangible as participants themselves begin acting, dancing, and singing. Rehearsal visits and exchanges with production teams allow for reflection upon the development of and reasonings behind opera and ballet productions. All courses are led by professionals from the Opernhaus.