Sextet romantique

6th Brunch & Lunch Concert

Dmitry Demyashkin, Piano
Tatjana Pak, Violin
Jonathan Allen, Violin, Viola
Natalia Mosca, Viola
Andreas Plattner, Violoncello
Dariusz Mizera, Double-bass

The programme includes the Sextet in D Major op. posthumously 110, a kind of miniature piano concerto by the young piano virtuoso Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, and the Great Sextet in E-flat Major, composed by Michail Glinka during a trip to Italy. Dmitry Demyashkin (Piano), Tatjana Pak and Jonathan Allen (Violin), Natalia Mosca (Viola), Andreas Plattner (Cello) and Dariusz Mizera (Double-bass) will play.

A wide variety of ensemble formations consisting of members of the Philharmonia Zurich will again be presenting works of chamber music in our informal, intimate Brunch & Lunch concert series this season. Together with the musicians, discover forgotten gems, unusual arrangements of well-known works, and embark upon extraordinary auditive adventures.

Brunch concerts begin at 11.15 a.m. on Sundays, followed by brunch at the Restaurant Belcanto. Concert and brunch cost CHF 6O including a welcome glass of champagne (students: CHF 52 / children 16 and under: CHF 32).

Lunch concerts – featuring the same programme – are repeated the following day at 12.OO noon, and do not include a culinary option. Tickets: CHF 2O (students: CHF 18).

The Brunch & Lunch Concerts are supported by Evelyn und Herbert Axelrod

Past performances

January 2019




Sextet romantique

6th Brunch & Lunch Concert, Spiegelsaal




Sextet romantique

6th Brunch & Lunch Concert, Spiegelsaal