Tube-Opera «Faust»

Spring holidays course for 12- to 18-year-olds


Faust has a far greater desire to be young, boisterously enjoy life, have fun and uninhibited sex than to fathom the world’s secrets. Mephisto, who is able to offer him all of this, seduces him with grandiose promises, and Faust enters into a pact with the Devil. He throws himself into a passionate adventure with Marguerite, whom he desires for her innocence and naivete. When she unintentionally becomes pregnant, Faust abandons her. In our spring holiday workshop, we produce cinematic interpretations of individual scenes from this emotionally disturbing work and set them to the haunting music of Gounod’s most famous opera, in which one popular aria follows another. An experienced video artist and a teacher of musical theatre support the participants in their individual projects.

Tue 21 Apr to Sat 25 Apr 2O2O

1O.OO a.m. to 5.OO p.m.

Performance on Thu 14 May 2O2O, 7.OO p.m.

CHF 1OO incl. performance

Registrations by phone 044 268 66 66 or e-mail Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Please note that this is a week-long course and all dates should be visited.

Management: Sebastian Müller, Raphaël Lapouille

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Tue, 21. Apr 2020, 10.00, Spring holidays course for 12- to 18-year-olds, start date
CHF 100
Escher Wyss OG

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Tube-Opera «Faust»