Workshop «Winterreise»

Workshop series for young adults 16 years and older

Contemporary interpretations of Schubert's song cycle

Christian Spuck's choreographic examination of the song cycle Die Winterreise by Franz Schubert in the new interpretation of the contemporary composer Hans Zender is the starting point of this workshop series. We will deepen Spuck's conversion of Die Winterreise into choreographic images and Zender's «composed interpretation» of Die Winterreise in several workshop sessions. At the same time, Swiss choreographer Cosima Grand is working with composer Romain Mercier on a new solo on the same theme at Tanzhaus Zürich. We will also take a closer look at this new interpretation of Die Winterreise. Visits to the Opera House and the Tanzhaus during both Die Winterreise complete this series.

Sat 29.9.2018 10.30-13.00 (rehearsal visit Zurich Opera House)
Mon 22.10.2018 19.00-21.30 (Workshop)
Mon 29.10.2018 19.00-21.30 (Workshop)
Mo 5.11.2018 19.00-21.30 (Workshop)
Mo 12.11.2018 19.00-21.30 (Workshop)
Fri 23.11.2018 19.00-21.30 (performance visit Zurich Opera House)
Mo 26.11.2018 19.00-21.30 (Workshop)
Mo 3.12.2018 19.00-21.30 (Workshop)
Fri 7.12.2018 19.00-21.30 (performance visit Tanzhaus Zürich)

Workshop incl. performance visits: CHF 55

Registration by mail to Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
No previous knowledge of ballet or dance is required.
Please note that this is a series of workshops and all dates should be attended.
Management: Bettina Holzhausen, Daniel Mouthon and Guillaume Guilherme

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Workshop «Winterreise»

Workshop series for young adults 16 years and older, start date, Meeting point ticket office