Workshop «What is choreography?»

Winter holidays course for 12- to 18-year-olds


Literally, choreography means «to write dance». But how does it work? What does it take? In this one-week holiday course, we explore choreography, focusing on William Forsythe, one of the most important choreographers of our time, his work and his working methods. Among other things, the young participants will familiarise themselves with Forsythe’s principles of improvisation and composition, and try them out for themselves. They will also have the opportunity to observe the work of Zurich Ballet at close proximity, and to attend the Forsythe ballet evening at the Opera House as a group. Over the course of the week, participants will develop their own short choreographies, either in small groups or alone. The workshop concludes with the young participants performing the short pieces they have created for their families and friends.

Mon 1O Feb to Sat 15 Feb 2O2O

1O.OO a.m. to 2.OO p.m.

Showing on Sat 15 Feb at 2.OO p.m.

Ballet evening on Fri 14 Feb 2O2O, 7.OO p.m.

CHF 1OO incl. ballet evening

Registrations by phone 044 268 66 66 or e-mail Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Previous knowledge of ballet or dance is an advantage, but not essential.
Please note that this is a week-long course and all dates should be visited.

Management: Bettina Holzhausen and Angelika Ächter

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Mon, 10. Feb 2020, 10.00, Winter holidays course for 12- to 18-year-olds, start date
CHF 100
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