Workshop-Reihe Walkways

for everyone ages 16 and up

Walkways connects the three works by Jerome Robbins (Glass Pieces), Wayne McGregor (Infra), and Cathy Marston (Snowblind), which all address moving through space and time in different ways. Encounters, structures, superimpositions, and shifts emerge from the everyday. Feelings are exposed and stories become tangible. In this workshop series, we will take a closer look at the three pieces featured on the program and the artistic styles of the three choreographers, and provide exciting insights into the rehearsal process. A joint visit to a performance of Walkways is also part of this series.

September to October 2023 (Details see German version)

Series incl. performance (for participants up to 30 years): CHF 40
Series without performance (for participants over 30 years): CHF 20
Direction: Bettina Holzhausen and Angelika Ächter

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Past performances

September 2023




Workshop-Reihe Walkways

for everyone ages 16 and up, Opernhaus