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About us

Ballet Zurich enjoys a worldwide reputation and is set to become one of the best advertisements for Zurich in the future. As members of this charitable organisation, the stalwart Friends of Ballet Zurich have now energetically supported this artistic genre at Zurich Opera House for almost 30 years. Cultivating a positive environment and the well-being of the dancers is one of the organisation’s major concerns, with the aim of enabling the company to concentrate on its primary task – dancing – as a professional team.

What you perhaps do not yet know is that you can help ensure that the company’s good reputation continues to grow. How? Thanks to your benevolent friendship. Most effectively as a member of the Friends of Ballet Zurich. The great thing about your friendship: not only does it benefit the company, but it also guarantees a wealth of attractive dance privileges for you.

As a member of the Friends of Ballet Zurich you will be informed regularly at first hand about the company, and you will have privileged access to tickets. You will enjoy special introductions to works and meet likeminded people in the foyer during the interval.

Première celebrations and parties to open and close the season will bring you closer to the artists. Guided tours of the Opera House, ballet rehearsals and training sessions will enable you to follow the dancers’ intensive work at first hand. You will discover how you can choreograph your first act in the beautiful wide world of ballet in the following member categories and their related privileges.

Accompany us into a promising new period of Ballet Zurich’s history and, through your commitment, demonstrate your attention to, sympathy for and above all your personal commitment towards the dancers.

Dr. Walter H. Rambousek,
Chairman of the Friends of Ballet Zurich





Friends of Zurich Opera 

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