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Workshops 16+

In unseren Workshop-Reihen für junge Erwachsene ab 16 Jahren gewähren wir vertiefende Einblicke in die künstlerische Arbeit am Opernhaus Zürich und ermöglichen den Teilnehmern selbst kreativ zu werden. Aus nächster Nähe verfolgen sie die Entstehung neuer Opern- und Ballettinszenierungen und begegnen dabei Künstlerlnnen des Opernhauses. Sie erarbeiten eigene Gestaltungsideen und setzen diese praktisch um. Jede Workshop-Reihe erstreckt sich über sieben bis zwölf Abende, wird von Profis des Opernhauses begleitet und mündet in eine Präsentation in kleinem öffentlichen Rahmen.
Vorkenntnisse sind nicht erforderlich.
Tickets: Workshop-Serie CHF 2O, Vorstellungsbesuch CHF 2O
Club Jung-Mitglieder können die Workshop-Reihe zu speziellen Konditionen besuchen.

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Workshop «Petruschka / Sacre»

Get to know Stravinsky’s most famous ballets

One hundred years ago, “Les Ballets Russes” ushered in the modern age with the première of Igor Stravinsky’s two best-known ballets. Zurich Ballet has been fortunate in being able to engage Edward Clug and Marco Goecke – two very creative and unconventional choreographers – to reinterpret these two famous ballets. This series of workshops will explore the influence of Petrushka  and Le Sacre du printemps  on the development of dance in the last century. Of course, the focus will be on the new versions of these ballets created by Edward Clug and Marco Goecke for Zurich Ballet. We will attend rehearsals and learn parts of the choreographies under the instruction of members of Zurich Ballet. Evidently, attending the performance as a group will be part of the experience.

Workshop incl. Performance showing: CHF 40

Vorkenntnisse in Ballett oder Tanz sind nicht erforderlich.

Direction: Bettina Holzhausen und Angelika Ächter

We 28.9.2016 - 19-21:30
Sa 1.10.2016 - 12-14h (Rehearsal visit Balletroom)
We 5.10.2016 - 19-21:30
We 26.10.2016 - 19-21:30
We 2.11.2016 - 19-21:30
We 9.11.2016 - 19-21:30
Fr 18.11.2016 - 20-22     (Performance showing)   
We 23.11.2016 - 19-21:30

Register here: musiktheaterpaedagogik@opernhaus.ch


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Workshop «Schlachtfeld Familie»

Ancient subject matter in three centuries

Figures of ancient tragedy such as Medea, Antigone and Orestes have inspired many writers, painters and composers to great works. Acting together, we shall be researching the ideas and motivations behind their bloody deeds. Taking the myths of antiquity as our point of departure, we shall explore Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone, Charpentier’s baroque tragédie lyrique , Médée, and Manfred Trojahn’s musical drama, Orest. Besides comparing the different interpretations of these stories, we shall also be exploring the psychological and political dimensions of these family dramas – and encounter thoroughly topical debates in the process.

So 23. Okt. 2016; 14 – 18 Uhr
Mo 24. Okt. 2016; 20 Uhr (Vorstellungsbesuch „Antigone“, Schiffbau/Halle)
Di 1. November 2016; 18.30 – 21.00 Uhr
Di 15. November 2016; 18.30 – 21.00 Uhr
Di 29. November 2016; 18.30 – 21.00 Uhr
Di 13. Dezember 2016, 18.30 – 21.00 Uhr (szenische Probe „Médée“, Probebühne Escher-Wyss, Hardturmstrasse 7, Zürich)
Di 17. Januar 2017, 18.30 – 21.00 Uhr (Bühnen-Orchester-Probe „Médée“, Opernhaus Zürich, Hauptbühne)
Di 31. Januar 2017, 19.00 – 22.00 Uhr (Vorstellungsbesuch „Médée“, Opernhaus Zürich)
Do 9. Februar 2017, 18.30 – 21.00 Uhr (Orchesterprobe „Orest“, Orchesterproberaum am Kreuzplatz)
Di 28. Februar 2017, 18.30 – 21.00 Uhr
Do 2. März 2017, 20.00 – 21.30 Uhr (Vorstellungsbesuch „Orest“, Opernhaus)
Di, 7. März 2017, 18.30 – 21.00 Uhr
Cooperation with the Junges Schauspielhaus and the Opernhaus Zürich
Petra Fischer (Dramaturgin Junges Schauspielhaus Zürich)
Fabio Dietsche (Dramaturg Opernhaus Zürich)
Roger Lämmli (Musiktheaterpädagoge Opernhaus Zürich)
Workshop incl. 3 Performances: CHF 65
until 20. Oct 2016 per Mail musiktheaterpaedagogik[at]opernhaus.ch


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Workshop «Werther»

Build a stage set

Die Leiden des jungen Werther, written by Goethe at the age of 23, is a world bestseller. Jules Massenet, who set the work to music, was profoundly moved by the hopeless love between Charlotte, who is already promised to another, and Werther, who is plunged into despair as a result and ultimately commits suicide. Participants in this series of workshops will design specific ideas for stage sets and finally build a model set themselves. They will be assisted by specialists and receive impulses and information on all the artistic and technical aspects involved.

February to April 2O17


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Workshop «La Scintilla meets zeitgenössischen Tanz»

How does dance interact with music?

For the Corpus ballet evening, Douglas Lee and Filipe Portugal will each create a première choreography for Zurich Ballet. This ballet evening focuses on the choreographers’ exploration of early music and the encounter between contemporary movement and the Orchestra La Scintilla, which is dedicated to the historic performance practice. In this series of workshops, we shall examine the interaction of choreography and music, and gain an insight into the genesis of the pieces by Filipe Portugal and Douglas Lee. As usual, we will meet artists of Zurich Ballet – and dance ourselves.

Workshop inkl. Vorstellungsbesuch: CHF 40
Vorkenntnisse in Ballett oder Tanz sind nicht erforderlich.
Leitung: Bettina Holzhausen und Angela Koerfer

Sa 13.05.2017 12.00 – 16.00 (Probenbesuch Ballettsaal)
Mo 15.05.2017 19.00 – 21.30
We 17.05.2017 19.00 – 21.30 (Orchesterprobe)
Mo 29.05.2017 19.00 – 21.30
Mo 12.06.2017 19.00 – 21.30
Fr 16.06.2017 19.00 – 21.30 (Vorstellungsbesuch)
Mo 19.06.2017 19.00 – 21.30

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Zurich Opera House aims to kindle young people’s enthusiasm for opera and ballet. Our offers are directed at all age groups ranging from children of pre-school and primary school age to young adults, and make these art forms and selected works accessible, appropriately to these age groups. We take our guests on themed tours behind the scenes at the Opera House and provide insights into the way we work and our artistic processes. At thematically structured workshops with an immediate relevance to practical implementation, we intensify these impressions and make work at the theatre come alive. We intend to raise awareness of the quality of art and stimulate children and young people to discover their own creativity. We seek a dialogue with young audiences and give them the opportunity to engage with art in an active way.

Contac us via e-mail: musiktheaterpaedagogik[at]opernhaus.ch 

Roger Lämmli, Head Musical Theatre Education und Opera Education

Bettina Holzhausen, Vermittlung Ballett

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