Der Ring des Nibelungen

«A stellar cast of singers, a fulsome, fiery orchestra and a clever and compelling staging that caught my attention from the very opening.»

bachtrack, 01.05.22

Trailer «Siegfried»

Trailer «Die Walküre»
Trailer «Das Rheingold»

All information on the Ring cycles, advance booking and the associated supporting programme is available here.

A new «Ring» for Zurich

Zurich is one of the birthplaces of Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen. It was there that the German composer – at the time a wanted revolutionary in exile – first developed the idea of his opera cycle, drafted the story, put pen to paper, and composed large swaths of the score. For these reasons alone, the city has a link to this epic work, which comprises four evenings and 16 hours of music. Wagner’s Ring fascinates audiences even today.

For any opera house, mounting a new Ring production is one of the greatest challenges the repertoire has to offer. The four works – each of them exceptionally long, and with vast demands when it comes to vocal casting, orchestra, and logistics – demand a house with tried and tested organizational structures, artistic experience, and long lead times. That is why the time is right for us to set off on a new Ring adventure in Zurich. Intendant Andreas Homoki has let his Ring concept, which he has been nourishing for some time, ripen in peace. Homoki will direct the cycle himself, with Gianandrea Noseda, the Opernhaus’ new General Music Director, at his side.

Principal Roles

Wotan/Der Wanderer Tomasz Konieczny
Alberich Christopher Purves
Mime Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke
Fricka Patricia Bardon
Freia Kiandra Howarth
Loge Matthias Klink
Erda Anna Danik
Fafner Oleg Davydov
Fasolt David Soar
Brünnhilde Camilla Nylund
Sieglinde Daniela Köhler
Siegmund Eric Cutler
Hunding Christof Fischesser
Siegfried Klaus Florian Vogt
Hagen David Leigh
Gunther Daniel Schmutzhard
Gutrune Lauren Fagan
Waltraute Agnieszka Rehlis

Opening Night Dates

Das Rheingold Apr 30 2022
Die Walküre Sep 18 2022
Siegfried Mar 5 2023
Götterdämmerung Nov 5 2023

Supported by the Freunde der Oper Zürich

The Complete Ring Cycle

May 3 to 9 2024
May 18 to 26 2024
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How To Build A Dragon

In the workshops of the opera house, many mythical creatures are created that make many hearts beat faster! This was also the case for «Siegfried»: Director Andreas Homoki and set designer Christian Schmidt wanted a dragon - and were not disappointed. In the video, Andreas Gatzka, head of the theater sculpture department, and Moises Bürgin, talk about a fantastic creation process.

Light Show on the Façade of the Opera House

On the occasion of our four Ring premieres we are presenting audiovisual light spectacles. From Thursday 2 to Saturday, November 4 between 6.30 and 10 p.m., the audience can look forward to light shows on the façade of the Opera House on the occasion of the premiere of Götterdämmerung. The first half hour of each show will belong to Das RheingoldDie Walküre and Siegfried followed by ten brand new minutes of Götterdämmerung

Light Show «Siegfried»

That was the light show for «Siegfried». The shows for «Das Rheingold» and «Die Walküre» as well as background information can be found under the link


I feel very much at home in Zurich again, and given the choice of any place in the world, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but here.

Richard Wagner to Theodor Uhlig in July 1850

Andreas Homoki and Gianandra Noseda, the director and conductor, respectively, of the new Ring, set off in search of clues.

City tour

Accompanying our «Ring» performances, Zürich Tourism offers public guided tours of Richard Wagner's time in Zürich! more

Preludes and Interludes

This CD offers a cross-section of Richard Wagner's orchestral works and presents our former General Music Director Fabio Luisi on the podium of one of Europe's most distinguished opera orchestras - the Philharmonia Zurich. more

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