Three choreographies with teenagers and young adults

Choreography Mirjam Barakar, Bettina Holzhausen, Sonia Rocha
Music Philipp Schaufelberger
Costumes Natalie Péclard
Light Design Isabelle Battocletti
Assistance Jana Dünner, Linda Heller, Gabriel Mareque

Secondary school Thalwil Lucien Bailer, Elias Brüngger, Lorena Dupont, Jil Iodice, Amy Kjaer, Ellen Mahrat, Andriana Milosavljevic, Giulia Nanninga, Ricardo Peñas Fernandez, Julien Popa, Saskia Scharl, Gracia Zaya Sckell, Kilian Tanner, Laura Wettstein
Teacher Fabio Zortea
Integration students Fachschule Viventa Zürich Sandy Abdallah, Murhaf Al Ramadan, Sara Awet Milaw, Amran Bashir Yusuf, Joshua Calvario Quiroz, Loretxy Yuliany Castellanos Moreno, Sara Cristinie De Mello Cieslik, Bilel Dziri, Scheima Dziri, Sohrab Haidari, Huseyn El Husseini, Esrom Huruy, Mohamad Ameer Nakrash, Mehrab Rahmati, Artemis Taukidou
Teachers Claudius Fiedler, Kathrin Lutterbeck, Brigitte Skirgaila
Youth and Young Adults Group Rahel Caluori, Jessica Grisolia, Sven Haller, Samuel Henzi, Al Morelos, Anita Ni, Radenka Nikolova, Marie Louise Schubert, Aline Steiner, Melina Wertnik

Since the beginning of May, three different groups of teenagers and young adults have been rehearsing for the dance project #Angels with three different choreographers. At the beginning of July, the three pieces will then be put together on the studio stage and performed four times in front of an audience. The starting point and inspiration for the project is Crystal Pite's ballet Angels' Atlas. In the ongoing rehearsal process, the artists and young people deal with the fleetingness, uniqueness and vulnerability of life. It is about questions like: What is actually really important to me? Do you believe in angels? How do I move safely through this crazy, unpredictable world? Answers are sought with one's own body, developed from within the group and carefully guided by the choreographers Mirjam Barakar, Bettina Holzhausen and Sonia Rocha, and turned into a piece. The Swiss guitarist and composer Philipp Schaufelberger develops the music to match the choreographic work of the three groups.

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