Hexe Hillary geht in die Oper

For children (age 6+)

Hillary, the little witch, wins two opera tickets on the radio. She is very proud of her prize – until she realises that she doesn’t have a clue with opera is. And when her prize arrives, her disappointment is complete: two boring snippets of paper. But it isn’t going to be that easy to fob her off! Since she has won the snippets, she also wants to know what’s in store. Her “The Little Witch from A to Z” encyclopaedia gives the answer: “Opera is theatre where everyone only sings.” That can only be a curse – who would sing of their own accord?! Of course, she can’t resist trying out the spell, which she believes to be a curse: Maria Bellacanta, Swiss certified witch – and opera singer – appears out of thin air. With Maria, Hillary discovers the world of opera and learns that feelings can often be expressed much more precisely with music than with any number of words.

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