Johann Christian Bach

Johann Christian Bach (1735 – 1782)

Sinfonia from Gioas, re di Giuda W.D1

Recitativo and Aria Armati di furore
from Gioas, re di Giuda

Sinfonia G minor op. 6/6

Recitativo and Aria Mon âme aurait trop de peine
from Amadis de Gaule W.G39

Recitativo and Aria Se tiranni, o dei
from L’Endimione W.G15


Concerto for harpsichord F minor W.73

Aria Parto, addio.
from Zanaida W.G5

from Amadis de Gaule

Arie ’Midst silent shades
from A third collection of favourite songs sung at Vaux Hall by Miss Cowper W.H33

Duration 1 H. 45 Min. incl. intermission after approx. 45 Min.

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Johann Christian Bach


Johann Christian Bach