Off with Alice

Workshop for children ages 9-12, without adults

Using Alice’s footsteps in Wonderland as a guide, we’ll follow a pale conductor (who looks a lot like a rabbit) into the world of opera. There, dreams and reality collide, and nonsense makes sense. We’ll get a taste of stage magic, aural mystery, and meet the strangest creatures. There’s a Mad Hatter inviting us to tea, a Cheshire Cat that can disappear, a hookah-smoking Earworm, and an evil Queen of Hearts. This workshop will leave you questioning reality, and get you in the mood to attend a performance of our family opera.

Dates will be published at a later date on www.opernhaus.ch/jung.

Starting time 14.OO, length: 2 hours,

Meeting point: Billettkasse, CHF 2O

The Studiobühne in the third underground floor of the Opera House can only be reached via 52 stair steps and is therefore not accessible for wheelchair users.