From Wagner’s «Ring» to «Star Wars»

Wagner’s monumental work Der Ring des Nibelungen – a large part of which was created in Zurich – didn’t just leave its mark on music history. It also heavily influenced film music. Together with film critic Thomas Binotto, we draw a connection to films in which Wagner's music serves as a soundtrack, and contrast his character of Siegfried with today's cinematic heroes. We will dive into the mythological world of Wagner's world parable, be inspired by his characters and leitmotifs to create our own improvised scenes, and search for current images for his narratives. We’ll discuss themes such as power, possession, violence, and destruction of nature from today's perspective, and question the epic with regard to its relevance in the 21st century. We’ll also be introduced to people and places that inspired Wagner to write his libretto, and create his bold sounds, exchange ideas with artists fascinated by Wagner's music, and attend rehearsals of the current new production of Siegfried at the Opernhaus Zürich.

October 2022 to March 2023

CHF 40 including performance tickets

Prior knowledge not necessary

Sat, 01. Oct 2022, 10.00, ages 16 and up, Opernhaus